About Us

Nitrite.org has been delivering results since we set out upon our mission for normalizing nitrites. Our goal is to provide both a new awareness for what has been a misguided and manipulated subject for nearly a half of a century. Nitrites have been used in the same manner well over 100 years with little evidence of dangers or harm experienced by users. We believe the past 50 years restriction and control of what should be a free choice issue has been misrepresented, misunderstood and manipulated by political agendas, social short sightedness and flat out bigotry toward the typical users and providers. We are working to establish the personal use of nitrites as being no different than any other sexual enhancing product, subjected to a standard of quality that meets a minimum requirement for the safety and advantages serving the benefit of the consumer.

It should not take long for an open minded individual in 2016 to read the history of nitrites in the USA to see an unprecedented amount of wrong doing, unfair prosecution resembling a modern day witch hunt. Our very government has gone to great lengths to contradict all the credited experts and panels formed to vilify the compound each time the results came back short on the bias slant for that particular judge / jury and trial.  The classification of nitrites as a commercial product has come to only impact the very public safety regulations that the overseeing agency Consumer Product Safety Commission was founded upon! This classification has also placed nitrites in a class of compounds that are inappropriately compared for use and impact of use.

We are a LIFESTYLE CHOICES FOUNDATION A 501(c)3 educational nonprofit and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. If you would like to join our effort by suggesting ways to change the political landscape, we would like to hear that too!